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50 Wrestling Upperbody Drills DVD

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A champion wrestler must be able to feel comfortable in Upper Body positions. In this video Olympic Gold Medalist & USA National Coach Steve Fraser, and Masters World Champion & National Coach of the Year Dave Mills show 50 wrestling drills that are used at the Olympic and National Levels to prepare wrestlers. Now you can have this coaching advantage! DVD. 2006.

50 Upper Body Drills Includes:

1. Staying in good position with underhook
2. Underhook head pull
3. Underhook cross elbow tap
4. Underhook punch technique
5. Underhook knee pick
6. Underhook ankle pick
7. Underhook to single leg
8. Underhook to foot sweep
9. Underhook to reverse headlock
10. Underhook to double leg
11. Mis-direction with double underhook
12. Double-underhook shuck-by
13. Double-underhook bear hug
14. Double-underhook bear hug sag
15. Double-underhook double leg
16. Double-underhook to inside leg trip
17. Single-underhook shuck-by
18. 2-on-1 to inside twist
19. 2-on-1 backstep to arm throw
20. 2-on-1 go behind
21. Over under slide-by
22. Breaking 2-on-1 to underhook
23. Front headlock capture with cross-snap
24. Front headlock capture with underhook
25. Front headlock capture same side snap
26. Front headlock capture off pummeling
27. Snap down spin behind
28. Snapdown game
29. Clearing head tie bow
30. Clearing head tie throw-by
31. Clearing head tie pass-by
33. Clearing head tie 2-on-1 technique
34. Pummeling
35. Pummeling drill variations
36. Arm drag double
37. Arm drag to body
38. Arm drag drill
39. Arm-spin
40. Arm spin to chin-to-pin
41. Footsweep
42. Regular headlock
43. Slam headlock
44. Regular headlock underhook set-up
45. Reverse headlock
46. Duck under
47. Drop duck under
48. Under-over body lock
49. Bear-hug twist
50. Bear-hug twist step around fake

This DVD is part of the set Getting Better, Faster Set of 4 Wrestling DVD's.



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