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Pitching Tips From the Coach

pitching tips from the coach
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There are no shortage of "pitching experts" with instructional videos so I have produced a different kind of "pitching" video and it stars ME! It is designed to help a young pitcher to not only understand and implement proper pitching mechanics but to aid him to understand what is the pitcher's job and to help him to be a successful pitcher.

With this DVD you will learn:

TIPS FROM THE COACH that every pitcher needs to know to be a smarter, more effective pitcher, not just a thrower.

5 phases of the pitching delivery

Safe and effective off-speed pitches

Holding runners and pickoff moves

Varying the delivery to compliment different release points

Defensive skills for pitchers

How to throw a "Bullpen Session"

How to field the pitcher's position

The truth about "pitch counts"

The two primary reasons young pitchers suffer arm injuries

Understanding what is the pitchers job

In trouble? You need to know how to throw a "Peggy Lee"

This is the DVD your young pitcher needs to learn to be a successful pitcher.

Created by Bruce Lambin: Twenty plus years ago I started out like many of you, coaching my son in entry level baseball. I loved it! A few years later I produced the BASEBALL SKILLS AND DRILLS video series, the only series approved by every major youth league including Little League Baseball, for the training of their coaches and players. The marketing of this instructional series propelled me into the world of baseball. I have had the opportunity to interact with Major League players and managers such as Nolan Ryan, Art Howe, Jim Lefebre, Jesse Barfield and more, respected college coaches such as Gary Ward, Turtle Thomas, Augie Garrido, Cliff Gustafson, Tony Robecheaux and Tim Tadlock, legendary amateur/youth coaches such as Jack Schulte, Tim Tully and Steve Slania. I found that the key to becoming a better coach is to shut up and listen to those that know more than you. Never stop learning. I have coached teams that have won a lot of games including World Championships, but have found that the game is about the journey not the destination. It is about the lessons in life learned not the trophies.

From my Lone Star Baseball Club team close to 200 players have gone on to college ball, over 50 to pro ball and to date, 8 have made it to the Show. I am most proud of my sons who have both earned a great deal of success in baseball competing in the Olympic Festival, Team USA, played major college baseball and one is still following the dream in the Mets system. 

I now coach coaches in my many coaches clinics. I believe that anyone that takes a team is a good guy that is going to donate hundreds of hours to assist other peoples' children to benefit from this wonderful baseball experience. It is for that reason that I created this video as a resource for coaches and parents. 

2007. 35 minutes. DVD



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