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Coach Bob Hurley's Favorite Drills by America's Greatest Coaches - Volume 2

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Back by popular demand, Coach Bob Hurley continues to share his favorite drills with players and coaches of all levels. SImliar to Volume I, Coach explains the philosophies and tactics he uses daily with his own high school team, the St. Anthony's Friars. Choose between Hurley's live or voice over commentary to truly immerse yourself into each of his drills. The bonus 45 mintue featured demonstration of strength and conditioning make this disc an asset to any player and coach wanting to practice the art of complete game preparation. Learning these drills, inside and out, will bring you and your team to new levels of physical and mental toughness. Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee, Bob Hurley, has won over 980 games, including 25 state and 3 national championship throughout his 35 year career. He is one of the most celebrated teachers of the game. 2009. 120 minutes. DVD.

Here's what people are saying about Coach Hurley's DVD's:

"Coach Hurley is a true pioneer of the game of Basketball. His knowledge and experience is something we can all learn from. I absolutely loved this DVD and look forward to buying the following series." - Pete Philo, Minnesota Timberwolves

"UNBELIEVABLE DVD...especially for a coach. I LOVE the way the drills are taught in a team situation--they not only show how to teach it in detail but how the drill is organized. Many "drills" on DVD's are just meaningless exercises with no carry over to the actual game. Coach Hurley's drills are all APPLICABLE and actual material you can use in a real game. Let's put it this way, I will definitely "steal" some of these drills in workouts with our players. Really great stuff." - Kenny Atkinson, Assistant Coach, New York Knicks

"There are not five better teachers of basketball on the planet than Bob Hurley. I learn something about the game every time I talk to him. I loved this DVD ." - Fran Fraschilla, ESPN



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